Education System

L’YCOS Grammar School has a broad-based educational system encompassing classes from Montessori to Secondary system of education depending upon the aptitude, ability and age.

Montessori environment with the necessary apparatus is at the disposal of the pre-school toddlers under the supervision of professionally qualified and trained Montessori Directresses with a view to developing their senses and inborn talents according to the Montessori methodology.

English Language

English Language development is given TOP PRIORITY. In order to maintain a high standard of English, both in speech as well as writing, the students’ English is developed through various activities.

Computer Labs

Recent technological developments have drastically changed the dimensions of communication and information managements. L’YCOS Grammar School aims at equipping its students with the latest computer education so that they are competent enough to cope with the challenges of the TWENTY-FIRST CENTRY.

Computer labs, have been properly designed and are supervised by qualified and trained teachers.

Science Laboratories

To make the L’Yconians acquire the requisite knowledge and perform practical’s, well-equipped science Laboratories have been established in sheer. Students perform experiments under the guidance of competent teachers.


We are going to in School to develop the reading habit and provide knowledge and entertainment to the students. This facility goes a long way in helping the students perform experiments under the guidance of competent teachers.


Different co-curricular activities are organized by different Houses: Liaquat House, Sir Syed House, Iqbal House & Jinnah House.

Co-Curricular Activities

The students are given lots of opportunities to demonstrate their talents. Co-curricular activities are organized under different SOCIETIES & CLUBS. The basic objective is to develop self-confidence amongst them expose them to different situations and groom their personalities.


Important days like Independence Day, Eid-e- Millad-un- Nabi (SAW), Eid Milan and Farewall Parties are all celebrated with full enthusiasm & fervor. Colour Day, Fun Day, Art & Craft and Science Exhibitions are also a part of the cumiculum. Different functions are organized on a large scale where the students’ activities are highlighted to and co-curricular & refine them English & Urdu plays & skits enable the L’Y conians to demonstrate their hidden talents and develop self-confidence.

Sports & Games

A healthy and proportionate blending of sports and games not only dispels the monotony and brings in cheer and gaiety but also infuses motivation while developing the body. The School, therefore, aims at enhancing the mental and physical growth of its students.

Field/ Educational Trips

Field/Educational trips are arranged to develop and environment insight amongst the students.

Art and Craft

Students are trained by qualified and professional Art Teachers to nourish their artistic and aesthetic talents.

Writing Base System

We have our English and Urdu writing pattern, it will improve your child /ward writing.

Islamic Education

Special Islamic rites on manners and prayers, Dars Nazra and Quranic Education.